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You are advised to switch to your nearest mirror site before downloading analog.
Which version of analog should I download?
The latest version of analog is 6.0. You need to choose the OS from the list below corresponding to the machine you want to run analog on. It doesn't matter what machine your web server is running on.

Download (1.68MB). When you unzip it you will find the program and all the documentation.

Download analog-6.0.sit.hqx (2.58MB) for Mac OS 8, 9 or X. When you download it, it should unpack itself and be ready to run.

OS X users who want to run analog from the Darwin command line can also get a precompiled version for Darwin or a Fink package.

See also Jason Linhart's analog for Mac page, which sometimes has a newer version, and also has versions for older Macs.

Other pre-compiled versions
Several other people host precompiled versions for other operating systems. Here are the ones I know about:
Other Unix:

Everyone else - and source code
Download analog-6.0.tar.gz (1.48MB) or (1.90MB). These packages contain the source code for all versions, and instructions. It compiles "out of the box" on most operating systems.

Latest version

The version is 6.0.
What's new?
Known bugs

Mirror sites

Home: California
North America: us (DC, IL, MA, MD, NJ, PA)
South America: ar, br, br
West Europe: at, be, ch, ch, de, de, de, de, fr, ie, it, no, pt, pt, se, uk
East Europe: fi, gr, hu, pl, pl, sk, sk, tr
Africa: na
Asia: hk, jp, my
Australasia: au, au

Expanded list

Go to the analog home page.
Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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