Analog: Helper applications

This is a page of programs which other people have written to work with analog. I haven't tried them, so I'm not in a position to recommend them or even to say if they work. If you want your program listed on this page, then mail

Configuration tools

Analog Helper
Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for the Mac which allows you to specify your analog and Report Magic settings via a GUI.
Sig Software, shareware, US$39.
A-Soft Analog Shell
A-Soft Analog Shell is another graphical configuration tool, this one for Windows (95 and above).
A-Soft Technologies, shareware, US$49.95.
Analog Picker
Another graphical configuration tool for Windows. Also adds the date to logfile lines that are missing it. Version 1.1 handles DNS lookups and larger logfiles.
Utility Software, NZ$20 (c. US$10), 30 day free trial.
Fill in your choices on a web form, and have a configuration file or Windows BAT file emailed back to you.
RixWeb, free service.
Analog Configurator
Another site where you can fill in your choices, and get a configuration file. Auch auf Deutsch.
Andreas Schmidt, free service.
Analog Crawler
Crawls your web site to find the titles of all your web pages, and produces an analog configuration file so that the page titles will be displayed in the analog report.
Wadsack-Allen Digital Group, freeware.
Makes it easy to produce an analog report coinciding with the fiscal year instead of the calendar year.
Peter Murray, freeware.

Configuration files

Two different lists of SEARCHENGINE commands, more comprehensive than the one is included in the distributed configuration file.
Israel Hanukoglu and Mike Shor
A more comprehensive list of ROBOTINCLUDE commands than is included in the distributed configuration file.
Jeremy Wadsack
TYPEALIAS commands
A more comprehensive list of TYPEALIAS commands than is included in the distributed configuration file.
Rene Krauss


If you don't have access to your logfiles, but can run scripts on your server, this script will create a logfile for you so that you can run analog.
Don Becker, freeware., logfix.vbs and convlog
Analog can't process logs which have the time on each line but the date only in a header, because it has no way to tell if the date has changed during the logfile.
So here are two scripts to add the date to every line of an extended format log. The first uses Perl, and the second uses the Windows Scripting Host.
Please read the warnings at the top of each program or you might get wrong data: they both assume that there are no 24-hour gaps in the logfile. Neither of these may be true in practice (especially on intranets). The convlog program comes with the Microsoft IIS server and will do a similar job, but also has to make these assumptions. So it is much better to log the date on every line initially. by Wadsack-Allen Digital Group, freeware.
logfix.vbs by Aengus Lawlor, freeware.
LogTran is a program for Mac which translates logfiles from lots of different formats into combined format. This is an alternative to writing LOGFORMAT strings for some formats which analog doesn't have built-in knowledge of.
Summary.Net, shareware, US$25.
If you have extra quote-marks in your referrer or browser field, this program will fix them so that analog can read those lines. Written in C.
Luchezar Georgiev, freeware.
This converts mail logs in sendmail, postfix, smail or qmail format to the common log format, so that analog can process them. It comes with a configuration file and language file to make analog report the results in a more helpful way.
Joey Hess, freeware.
maillog2commonlog, analog_mail.conf, mail.lng, licence.
sendmail log analyser
Produces reports from sendmail logs, or converts them to web server-like logs for analog to read.
(NB Joey Hess's language file mail.lng advertised above may also be useful here.)
Jarkko Turkulainen, freeware.
Converts BIND name server logs to web server-like logs so that analog can read them.
Phil White, freeware.
This program converts firewall logfiles (in ipf or iptables format) into a form analog can understand, and runs analog on them.
Balázs Bárány, freeware.
anonlog "anonymizes" your logfile by encoding sensitive information.
Stephen Turner, freeware.

DNS lookups

Most of the programs in this section do the same job in slightly different ways -- looking up the numerical IP addresses in your logfile before you run analog.
DNSTran is a DNS lookup tool. It can go through your logfile, replacing numerical IP addresses with resolved names, or it can write a DNS cache file for analog to use. Versions for Mac, Linux (x86), Sun & IRIX.
Summary.Net, freeware.
QuickDNS is another tool to do all the DNS lookups before you run analog. Win32.
AnalogX, freeware.
logresolve.c and come with Apache and do the same job.
Apache group, freeware.
fastresolve is similar again, for Unix/Linux. It can even call analog when it's finished!
David MacKenzie, freeware
And another one. This one is designed as a plug-in replacement for the script included with Apache.
Maurice Aubrey, freeware
Another one. This one's distinctive feature is that it constructs a fake address for unresolvable addresses based on resolving the parent domain.
John Rowell, freeware
This one's page is in German.
Björn Höhrmann, freeware
Another one. For Windows.
Carsten Clasholm, freeware
Based on LookupIP, but also understands multiple logfiles and compressed logfiles. For Windows.
Antonio Silvestri, freeware
adns is really a library for C programs. But it comes with andslogres as a standalone program.
Ian Jackson, freeware
trimdns goes through your DNS cache file, removing all but the most recent lookup for each IP address.
Andrew McCarthy, freeware.
xdns merges DNS files, removes old entries, and warns if one address has had two names.
Marco Bernardini, freeware
minidns does a DNS resolution of any IP addresses that make it in to the final report. This is an alternative to analog's full DNS resolution.
Michael Kennedy, freeware.
fixdns repairs your DNS file if it has corrupt entries, for example names with spaces in them. For Windows.
Lucian Wischik, freeware.


Report Magic for Analog
Turns analog output into pretty graphs.
Wadsack-Allen Digital Group, freeware.
anaml is an analog to XML converter, putting each of analog's reports into a separate file. This could encourage more flexible output styles.
chocolateboy, freeware.

Scheduling and automation

A collection of scripts to automate running analog. Please don't send me any more scripts for this section (unless they do something particularly special!). It turns out that everyone has their own slightly different scripts to manage their own slightly different configurations. I could list 100 examples, but I think we've got enough here already. Thanks.
This is a Unix shell script, intended to be run from a cron job, which can create reports daily, weekly and/or monthly.
Rebecca Minarik, freeware.
Creates a configuration file for each virtual domain and runs analog. Would have to be adapted to other sites. Written for Windows, but should be easily adaptable to other platforms.
Peter Tapolyai, freeware.
Reads all the logfiles in a folder, and uses analog to produce full reports and a summary report.
Server Automation Tools, shareware, US$39.95.
Perl program to automate daily Analog runs for one or more hosts and build an index page for them all. Generates one-month summaries through time and a month-to-date summary each day.
Dean Pentcheff, freeware.
Produces reports for several virtual hosts, and rolls over Apache logfiles. Unix shell scripts.
Jaume Teixi, freeware.
Auto stats
Generates statistics for each IIS web site configured on a server. Can also optionally start Report Magic and delete the old logfile. Written in VBScript.
Cédric Caron, freeware.
Runs reports for a range of months, and displays pairs of months side-by-side for comparisons.
Marco Bernardini, freeware.
Runs analog (and optionally Report Magic and DNSTran) for multiple sites. Also generates a summary table for all sites. Perl script.
Chris Pepper, freeware.
PHP scripts for analog
A collection of scripts that create configuration files for different virtual hosts, and run analog using all the configuration files in a directory. Adaptable to your site if you know PHP.
James Linden, freeware.
A Windows utility that fetches logfiles by ftp and adds the server name so that they can all live in the same directory.
Eric Jorgensen, freeware (10kb)
VBScript program for Windows that runs daily, weekly or monthly reports. Can be easily run through the Windows Task Scheduler.
Christopher Lewis, freeware

Form interface

A prettier and more comprehensive form than the one included in the analog distribution.
Ralph Mellor, freeware
A precompiled executable version of, the form interface in version 4 of analog. For Windows 95/98/NT.
Wadsack-Allen Digital Group and Aengus Lawlor, freeware.

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