Analog: Security warning

SECURITY ADVISORY                                      20th March 2002
Program: analog
Versions: all versions prior to 5.22
Operating systems: all
Yuji Takahashi discovered a bug in analog which allows a cross-site
scripting type attack.

It is easy for an attacker to insert arbitrary strings into any web
server logfile. If these strings are then analysed by analog, they can
appear in the report. By this means an attacker can introduce
arbitrary Javascript code, for example, into an analog report produced
by someone else and read by a third person. Analog already attempted
to encode unsafe characters to avoid this type of attack, but the
conversion was incomplete.

Although it is not known that this bug has been exploited, it is easy
to exploit, and all users are advised to upgrade to version 5.22 of
analog immediately. The URL for analog is
I apologise for the inconvenience.

Thank you to Yuji Takahashi, Motonobu Takahashi and Takayuki Matsuki
for their help with this bug.

                                                        Stephen Turner

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Stephen Turner

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