Analog: old news

Here are the most important old analog news items.

(26-Nov-98) Don't use the form interface supplied with versions 2.91 or 3.0 because of a potential security risk. (Details).
(19-Jun-99) Version 3.31 released. This fixes an important bug in cache file creation.
(20-Oct-99) Version 3.90beta1: Don't put the compiled analog executable where your web server can run it, or use the CGI command. On some servers, notably IIS, this could be a security risk.
(22-Feb-00) New address for analog: Please update your links!
(13-Feb-01) Security risk: please upgrade to at least 4.16 or 4.90beta3. (Details).
(20-Mar-02) Version 5.22 fixes security bug.
(14-May-02) Version 5.23 fixes important form interface bug.

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